A luxury train trip that comes complete with all-you-can-drink tequila may sound like the stuff of an intrepid imbiber’s dreams, but it’s now a reality thanks to a certain liquored up locomotive.

The Jose Cuervo Express—nicknamed the Tequila Train for reasons that will become obvious—has been chugging through the untouched Mexican countryside for the past eight or so years, but has recently started offering a new elevated experience fit for the most discerning tequila sippers.

The vintage-style, black and gold train travels from the city of Guadalajara, through the untouched Mexican countryside, to the tiny town of Tequila. This remarkable community was designated a Pueblo Mágico (Magic Town) by the Mexican Secretariat of Tourism, and, of course, offers its signature spirit in spades.

Fortunately, the 11-hour journey aboard the Tequila Train is just as marvelous as the final destination. The new Elite experience sees guests ride in an elegant wood-paneled car known, appropriately enough, as the Elite Wagon. The luxurious car features floor-to-ceiling windows and should offer up views as intoxicating as anything served on the train.

Guests in this class also have access to two plush lounge areas and a premium open bar fully stocked with Reserva de la Familia, Maestro Dobel, Gran Centenario and 1800. If you overdo it with the añejo, there’s also rum, vodka, whiskey and a new line of custom cocktails. Hey, you’re not driving.

Jose Cuervo Express Tequila Train

Beyond the tipples, you’ll be treated to delicious regional snacks to get a real taste of Mexico and enjoy some onboard entertainment, such as a lottery game. Along the route, a master tequilier (a sommelier of tequila) will also guide you through a three-glass tasting and give more context to the spirit so you can better appreciate what you’re sipping.

Jose Cuervo Express Tequila Train

To top it off, you’ll take a trip to Latin America’s oldest distillery, Jose Cuervo’s La Rojeña, and even walk through agave fields if conditions permit.

The entire Elite experience is priced at about $166 per person and can be taken at sunrise or sunset.

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