While the travel industry as a whole is still reeling from pandemic-related fallout, there are glimmers of hope on the horizon: The reported number of passenger going through TSA checkpoints is gradually increasing, and international destinations are slowly beginning to open up to US residents (with required safety protocols in place, of course.) On the domestic front, luxury hotels are not only re-opening (and, in many cases, seeing high occupancy rates) but are also welcoming new additions to their ranks—including these nine high-end spots.

The launches of these brand-new or totally re-done properties may not be quite what was originally planned—you’re likely to find more outdoor seating, in-room services and privatization options, to name a few examples—but they are still celebrating the joys of five-star travel with luxuries such as world-class art collections, bespoke guest experiences, on-demand butler service and celebrity-chef dining. From private photography lessons in a San Francisco skyscraper and the chance to design your own boots in Nashville to a DC art collection that celebrates women and political activism, here’s a taste of what you’ll find at these nine new hotels this fall.