Rust, the survival game that is notoriously difficult for new players, has released its February 2021 update with its new softcore game mode. With softcore servers, players who are new to the game benefit from some key changes that give them a better chance at surviving and learning to play. Among other things, the softcore mode includes safe zones for respawning.

Vanilla Rust servers are ‘hardcore’ servers; you spawn naked on a beach where the odds are high that you’ll be quickly killed before you can start harvesting materials and getting supplies to make your own base. The softcore game mode isn’t too different, but there are some tweaks to help you get a head start.

These servers only let players view the content of wounded players, plus the maximum team size is limited to four people. Assuming the player isn’t flagged as hostile, they can also spawn at the Outpost and Bandit Town safe zones whenever they’d like.

Assuming you are killed, you’ll be able to get half your items back at a reclaim terminal (above) or at the spot where you died. The Rust team describes the 10 new softcore servers as ‘a good starting place for a more casual mode,’ one that will see improvements in the future.

In addition, this update also brings Marketplaces to the Outpost and Bandit Camp monuments. With these vending machines, players can open a terminal and place an order for different items, which are then delivered using a drone. This is a tricky option: though you can get the items you need, it can also take up to five minutes for the drone to arrive.

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